New Trailers for Allu Arjun, Dhanush and Rana!

For Bollyfools, I watched a few of the new Regional trailers, which unfortunately have no subtitles!  Super frustrating.


I have only seen Allu Arjun in Rudhramadevi and he was amazing in that, even though he was not the lead.  I watched both the Rom Com feeling teaser, and then the full trailer, neither of which have subs.  Anyone that speaks Telugu, help me out as to what’s going on.  Is it a double role?  The action looks cool, and even though I’m not a Pooja Hegde  (ugh, Mohenjo Daro) fan, the rom com aspect looks adorable.


Dhanush has VIP 2 which will also have KAJOL!!  So excited to see her in a new film.  I don’t speak Tamil, and I’ve not seen VIP 1, so I have no idea what’s going on in this trailer.  That ending flying kick looks super cool.   Any translation help would be most appreciated!


Kartik from Bollyfools translated Rana’s new teaser for me.  The title means I am the King and I am the Minister.  Rana will be opposite Kajal for the first time, and I’m really excited to see that.  When he’s on the scaffolding with the noose, Rana says, “I will decide when I die, and I will decide when you die!”  I love that shot with him as the prisoner about a foot taller than all the guards behind him.


Birth of a Nation, next year’s Oscar Best Picture Winner


God willing, this will be next year’s Oscar Best Picture Winner.  I saw it at Sundance, and it is searing and phenomenal.  Nate Parker teared up at the standing ovation crowd at our screening talking about how difficult it was to get this film made.  Deservedly the Audience and Grand Jury prize winner at Sundance.

Scheduled for an October Oscar season release.

Fantastic Beasts Teaser Trailer is Here and I can’t wait!


YES!!!  Is there anyone more perfect to inhabit J. K. Rowling’s magical universe than Eddie Redmayne?  He’s always seemed like an actor from another time, so a period film like this is just spot on for him.  Super excited to see Colin Farrell as a wizard, too!